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GPA Greater Cincinnati is a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (, the largest, nationwide greyhound adoption organization.  If you relocate, you’re likely to find another GPA chapter nearby, so by adopting through us, you will have ongoing support.  GPAGC places dogs in suitable homes in the Greater Cincinnati and Tristate Area.  Coming to Meet & Greets is a good way to learn about greyhounds as pets and about out adoption process.  
The Adoption Process
 Thank you for your interest in greyhound adoption.  Generally, within a week of receiving this application  we will contact you for a 20-30 minute phone interview. A home visit is typically is scheduled within a week after the phone interview. All persons who will be living in the house with the greyhound must be present for a home visit to occur.  We are an all-volunteer, so must home visits are done on weekends.
Adoption Application
About You
Name #1 ________________________________________________Age_______________________
Name #2 ________________________________________________Age_______________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________State______________Zip__________________
Home phone_______________________________ Cell Phone______________________________
Email address #1_____________________________ 2#___________________________________ Employer#1______________________________________Position_________________________ Phone_________________________                                Email_______________________________
Employer #2_____________________________________Position______________________________
Phone ________________________                Email_________________________________  
How did you learn about GPAGC?  Please check all that apply. __News story    __Internet   __Brochure    __Meet & Greet   __Veterinarian/Kennel __ Advertisement  __Friend   __Billboard  __Other(Please specify)________________________________________________

Describe the temperament/personality of the greyhound you think would fit in your home and with your lifestyle.   
 Why do you want to adopt a retired racing greyhound?
Who will have primary responsibility for caring for and training your greyhound?
Number of Adults living in your household and their ages.
Number and ages of children who live in your household regularly.
Number and ages of children who visit your household regularly.
__ Yes __ No   Does anyone in your household have allergies?
If you move, what will you do with your greyhound?
Who will care for your greyhound if you are on vacation or out of town?
About you and your pets: Please list all pets you currently have. Use additional sheets, if needed.  

Type                     M/F            Age               Neuter/Sprayed              Temperament ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

__Yes __ No   Does your home have stairs?
How many stairs inside? ____  Carpeted___ Uncarpeted___ Open-backed__
How many stairs outside? ___  Opened-backed____ Closed-backed____
Where would your greyhound stay during the day?
 Sleep at night?
Is your yard fenced? _____________
If yes, please describe the type of fencing, condition and height. ______________________________________________________________________________
Yes___ No__ If your yard is unfenced, are you willing/able to leash walk your greyhound at least four times a day? FYI: Electronic fence is not acceptable, it will not hold a greyhound.
Yes__ No__ If your yard is unfenced, is there a nearby fenced, grassy area (ball field, friend’s yard) where a greyhound could run safely?  Please describe.
Before submitting this application
 Yes__ No__ I have read/am reading Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies or Adopting the Racing Greyhound. If I have children in my home, I also have read/am reading Childproofing your Dog or Living with Kids and Dogs without losing Your Mind.
Despite having lived in foster homes, newly adopted dogs may need help adjusting to their new homes. Some are social. Others are shy. Some may initially make housebreaking errors or need time to adjust to a new schedule. Most must be crated while owners are away for their safety and for the well being of their new home.
GPAGC takes seriously its responsibility for placing dogs in appropriate, permanent homes. If we place a dog with you, we ask that you make a commitment to your hound for life.  Consider the following carefully:
Yes__ No__  A greyhound’s average life expectancy is 12+ years. I agree to make a lifetime  commitment to my greyhound’s care/well being.
Yes__ No__ A hound must wear a tag collar at all times bearing his name and the owner’s contact information as well as the emergency contact tag GPAGC provides.
Yes __No__  A greyhound is an indoor pet and must not be isolated in the garage, basement or left outdoors unattended.
Yes __ No__ A hound should never be tied outside with a run line or other stationary tether.
Yes__ No__ A crate is typically the safest place for a greyhound when the owners are away.
Yes__ No__ Adopting a greyhound is a lifelong commitment that extends beyond the adoption fee.
  I am personally and financially able to accept full, immediate responsibility for a greyhound, including but not limited to all routine/emergency vet care, feeding, grooming, kenneling and safety. Yes __No__ Have you had other pets in the past?  Provide details,  including what happened to them, Use additional sheets, if needed.
What would you do if your greyhound exhibited behavioral issues?
 Yes __No__   Do you currently have a veterinarian?  
Yes __ No__ Have you discussed with your veterinarian your intention to adopt a greyhound and inquired about his/her experience with the breed?
Please explain why it is important to keep a greyhound on a leash or inside a fenced area at all times._______________________________________________________________________________
About your home How many hours a day will your greyhound be alone?__________
My home is  Busy__ Quiet__   
I live in the    City__ Suburbs__ Country__
Where do you live?   House__ Apartment__   Mobile Home__ Condo__
Yes__ No__ If you rent or lease, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog? Landlord’s Name____________________________________ Phone____________________________________
Yes__ No__  Hounds adopted through GPAGC must be returned to this group if the owner is incapable of caring for it at any time and for any reason.
Yes __ No__ I agree to never give, sell or transfer ownership of my greyhound to any individual, animal shelter, pound, humane group or veterinary clinic.
References By providing GPAGC with these names, you are consenting to a representative of GPAGC contacting references.
Veterinarian________________________________  Phone______________________________
List two individuals, their phone numbers and addresses who you have known you for more than two years and who do not reside with you and are not family members. If you have not listed a veterinarian, please list three references.
Name______________________________ Phone _____________________ Email____________________________
Name______________________________ Phone _____________________ Email____________________________
Name______________________________ Phone _____________________Email ____________________________

Adoption Fee
The  adoption fee helps offset the cost of initial veterinary care for recently retired dogs.
Each GPAGC dog has had the following services: spay/neuter, dental, heartworm screening and preventative, worming, vaccination updates if needed, nail trimming.  All the greyhounds come with a collar, leash and muzzle as part of the adoption fee.
Signature  ________________________________

 Date __________
Signature  ________________________________  

 Date ___________                                        
Phone Follow-Up A GPAGC representative will call within a week of the receipt of your application.

 What is the best time and number to reach you?
Best time/day(s) _____________________

Best phone number__________________

Please email application to:

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