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RACING NAME: KW Daily Double
DOB: 12-18-19  GENDER: Female

COLOR: Brindle

Weight :  


Adoption pending


RACING NAME: Deco Bojangle
DOB: 5-4-19 GENDER: Male


Weight : 72



RACING NAME:  Chasin After You 
DOB:  7-30-21 GENDER: Female

COLOR: Brindle

Weight : 



Picture coming soon

DOB:  7-23-20 GENDER: Male

COLOR: Black

Weight : 72


Senior Greyhound Adoptions!

Most often, we get hounds that are between two and five years of age, but occasionally there comes along a senior in just as much or more need of adoption as the younger ones.  What would make you consider adopting one of these older greyhounds?  As a senior adopter myself, let me pass along some thoughts. I first saw our Diana on a video posted on an adoption website over five years ago.  She was close to seven at that time and had been available for several months.  (Her background showed her to have been a very successful racer and then retired to have two litters.) My husband and I have always had a soft spot for the neediest ones, and seeing Diana in action on the video set to music tugged at our heartstrings.  We were extremely happy to be chosen as her new parents.  A bit timid at first, her true colors didn’t take long to reveal themselves.  Diana has proven to be the most amazing, joyous, tractable, and loving of dogs.  When we got Diana, we already had Rowdy (our first grey, adopted at five), and since have adopted Leia, and two of Diana’s daughters from her second litter, Darla and Daphne.  So now Diana is a member of our pack of five and recently turned 12 years old.  She is in excellent health and can still outrun the others in the yard.  

We have adopted many other older dogs over the years.   Let me add a few more benefits of seniors.  Generally, they are more able to meld in with other dogs, calmer, easier to housetrain (if even needed), willing to please, and truly seem to demonstrate an appreciation for being taken into a forever family.  They can actually serve as models for younger dogs.  Mostly, they simply deserve a loving home.  

Since greyhounds can live well into their teens, adopting a senior is a wonderful thing you can do for the hound and for yourself.  Please don’t look past these guys and gals when you consider greyhound adoption.  You will not regret it!

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