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Hi! I’m Val. At the time of this bio, I have been with my foster family for about a week and a half. I am a sweet, lovable grey, like so many of the other greys that have graced this website. A couple of ways that I may be different:

  • I absolutely LOVE playing with toys! Squeakers, tennis balls, rope toys - they’re all amazing. What’s more is that I will actually FETCH and bring the toy back when I’m in a playful mood.

  • I live with three foster siblings: a min-pin/chihuahua, a maltipoo, and a dorgie, ranging from 10-17 pounds. Yes, I am small dog-safe with the right introductions and supervision to start. I have not yet met any cats.

  • I visited my foster mom’s career tech schools this week and had a chance to visit with animal science and vet assist students and instructors. “Mom” did an entire presentation about greyhounds while I made many new human friends. They were really surprised when I laid down for one of my many naps, right there in the middle of the classroom during the presentation!

  • I can do carpeted steps really well. I do have trouble with those pesky “open” stairs like the ones off the deck - I go down just fine, but coming up is quite a mental challenge. I’m also comfortable on hard floors, as well as carpets.

A few things to know about me:

  • I hate, yes, hate, the vacuum. I will want to hide in my crate if you use one of those things! On the other hand, singing appliances, doorbells and garage doors do not scare me one bit.

  • I tend to be a mimic. That is to say, I seem to reflect the energy of those around me. For the most part, I am laid back and calm, but if you bring a hyper fur friend around, I will be the first one to join in the hyper mayhem.

  • I can be curious, in a very gentle way. I want to investigate as much as I am allowed, but yes, I am good at learning boundaries when they are taught to me.

  • My foster dad is a first-time greyhound foster daddy and he just can’t get over how quiet I am and how I seem to sleep more than a cat. He says it’s a good thing you can see my ribs move as I breathe because nothing seems to bother me when I am lounging.

  • I’m quite smart. When I hear the word, “crate,” I either walk the other direction or refuse to get up off my comfy spot on the floor. Having said that, once I am up on my feet, I will go in, and am learning to go in on command.


I’d love to meet you! If you’d like to meet me, go ahead and submit an application to get the conversation started.

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