Having just turned 3 years old, Delila is a delightful puppy.  Full of energy, she is a sweet, happy and bouncy girl (complete with a helicopter tail).  After only 3 days, she mastered going down stairs and is over half of the way toward going up stairs on her own.  Delila is very inquisitive and smart.  She is hypervigilant when it comes to cats, so a house without cats or small dogs is best.  She sleeps well in her crate at night-as long as the crate is in the same room as her people.  Her trainer said she enjoys stuffy toys and snuggles with a blanket at night.  In our home, she is exposed to balls and she loves those, too!  Delila is very vocal.  She barks for attention.  She also growls.  At least some of those growls are out of excitement-when playing or anticipating a meal.  The larger dogs in my house ignore her sounds, but the smaller dogs don’t understand her intentions.  This is another reason for being in a home with other greys or comparable sized dogs.  Delila is a wonderful dog in search of the perfect family.  Please discuss your situation with GPA Cincinnati and see if she’s right for you!    

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