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Are you looking for the “perfect” dog? Do you live in a cat free home? If so, handsome Jaguar could be your man!

Jags has been with his foster family for almost a month, but it took less than 48 hours for him to form strong bonds.  He is a sweet, gentle and loving guy who loves people every bit as much as he does other dogs.  From taking walks, to riding in the car, Jag’s favorite activity is whatever everyone else is doing at that minute.  He does best with another dog(s) to keep him company and teach him how to be a family pet. 

As smart as he is beautiful, Jaguar is always paying attention.  He learns something new every day (make sure to hide your wallet and car keys!).  He quickly figured out our family routine, including where to go to wait his turn to eat, how to ask to go outside and how to share snuggle time.  He even learned to follow his foster mom to the bathroom-every. Single.  Time. 😊 He goes in his crate (uneventfully) while his foster family is away.   Jags is a happy, young, active guy.  He would be happiest with a family that includes him in their adventures.  Are you looking for a hiking buddy?  Jags is the one.  How about a car riding companion?  Look no further.  Snuggle partner on a cold, snowy day?  This guy will love being next to you.  Come out and meet Jaguar-your life will be forever changed. 

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