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Wild aka Willow

I’m a foster that prefers calm, laid back greyhounds.  So, when GPA Cincinnati said my new foster’s name was “Wild”, I thought they were having a good laugh at my expense.  As it turns out, this dog is awesome enough for EVERYONE to love!!!

Greyhound puppies are named soon after they are born, long before their personalities develop.  Yes, this dog’s birth name is “Wild”.  But her personality is quite different.  To avoid confusion, she has been renamed Willow. 

Fostering Willow has been a delightful experience for all of us-dogs, cats and people.  She is sweet, loving and playful.  She is eager to please her foster family and is highly food motivated, making correction quick and easy.  A confident and happy girl, Willow greets everyone with a wagging tail, a head bump and a cold nose. She enjoys stuffy toys, almost as much as playing with canine and/or feline siblings.  She’s also a huge fan of her own reflection 😊!!!!  She quickly mastered coming down stairs. Although climbing them is coming a bit more slowly, she will attain expert status before going to her forever home.  Like many greyhounds, she sees her crate as a place of comfort and rest.  She has never gone to the bathroom in our home, even immediately after her spay.  Falling in love with Willow was SO easy.  If your family is ready to add a loving, playful girl, consider Willow!

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